That's me :)

Curriculum Vitae


I am a 27-year-old computer science student looking for a student or part-time position in the Copenhagen area where I can learn a whole lot and develop my skills in software development. I’m leaning towards an interest in back-end development, but if you have an interesting opportunity with something else, I'd still love to hear from you.


I am excited to learn. I engage myself in my work and am comfortable taking the initiative. I am used to working both in groups and independently, and I thrive in either situation. I am responsible, and I like to do things properly.

Software Development

Developed software to completion based on given specifications. In the project I experienced peer review, pair programming, unit testing, and large refactoring to meet changes in demands and technologies. Object-oriented design and analysis, as well as design principles and patterns, were also important.

Developed multi-threaded networking software to completion.

Performed personal user interviews to understand business and work practises, as well as analysed MinSundhedsplatform’s business strategy, as part of the larger preliminary study preceding a theoretical implementation project. Developed prototypes for improvements based on value brought to company and users and arranged workshops with users to gather feedback.

Used feedback to develop a website and underlying database to act as an example of how our suggestions could be implemented on the real website and app.

Scientific Communication and Mediation

Prepared a scientific article aimed at a specific target demographic and platform, written based on the intended publisher’s communication and business strategy.

Project Management

Analysed risks, stakeholders, software specifications, and business organisation of the Land Registry’s digitalisation project and the Rejsekort implementation project.


Recently used and greatly enjoy C# and Python.

Additionally have experience with SQL, C++, and F#.


I write and speak English and Danish at a fluent, academic level.

About me

In my free time I enjoy reading, table-top role-playing games, and cooking.

I’m sociable, friendly, and keep a small group of close friends with whom I play video games and board games, cook, and do jigsaw puzzles.

I rarely drink, don’t smoke. I was recently diagnosed with ADD.

Current Education

Computer Science - University of Copenhagen - Undergraduate

Finished courses in general programming, algorithms, software development, computer systems, probability and statistics, user-interaction design, scientific mediation/communication, project management, and development of IT systems, hereunder databases and preliminary research for large IT projects.